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Free-mo model railroad module standard

Free-mo was developed with the idea that a set of standards focusing mainly on module endplates would enable faithful modeling of prototype trackplans and operations in a modular environment.


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The National Train Show included two huge free-mo modular railroads in both N scale and HO (...)
Hello model railroaders! After a short hiatus I'm back with a video that shows how I create (...)
Flyover of the Free-mo layout at the Spokane Train Show March 10th 2019.
In this video, we visit the Tampa Bay Model Railroad Club. It is a modular, HO-scale club. (...)
This year on August 16-19th I had the opportunity to attend the Big Valley Free-mo meet hosted (...)
Over the weekend, I had the privilege of attending the 2018 BC Free-mo Meet. This event sees (...)
Cab-like view of running on the huge Freemo HO scale layout assembled at the 2016 NPRA (...)
The last video recording the changes to my two freemo modules - Sheldon and Cooper. The new (...)
The Knuckleheads Free-mo group set up a loop display at the Davenport Iowa Model Train Show, (...)
This video was captured on the FreeMo N-scale layout, which appeared at the 2016 World's (...)
Take a trip around the Independent Free-mo Operating Group's HO scale modular layout at the (...)
Sixty some photos taken along the way of the construction of my HO scale Free-mo module "Sand (...)
Model Railroad construction methods for bench work using swing gates and lift gates to avoid (...)
In this video we take a look at the exciting world of train show Free-mo and club modular model (...)
Missouri Valley Free-Mo and Minnesota Free-Mo in Sioux Falls, SD at the Sioux Valley Model (...)
The 2014 Plainview Free-mo layout had 325 feet of mainline with an additional 65 feet on the (...)
Hop up on the front deck of a well car and take the full 457 Ft. trip around the mainline of (...)
Closer to completion and a look at the plans moving forward with construction... 7' 3" X 9' 5" (...)
This is the third video in the MN FreeMo N-scale cabride series, taken on the N scale Free-mo (...)
Free-moN, as well as some other module standards, uses butt joints and clamps to connect (...)
The 2011 Alberta Free-Mo modular model railway meeting organized by the Calgary Free-Mo group (...)
This is the second video in the NTS2010 cabride series, taken on the North American HO scale (...)
Another few clips of Trains on the RS Tower and Freemo Model Railroad, with trains from (...)
Something for our North American Friends. A few clips of Railfaning at the RS Tower juction set (...)
A promotional commercial for our upcoming 2010 GopherRail setup on February 27, 2010, hosted by (...)
An overview of free-mo layouts and the construction of a free-mo module