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Free-mo model railroad module standard

Free-mo was developed with the idea that a set of standards focusing mainly on module endplates would enable faithful modeling of prototype trackplans and operations in a modular environment.


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Cab Ride video clips from the Trent Valley Freemo meet, 24 September in Armitage.
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HO Scale Free-Mo Model Train Layout
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Some HO scale layout action at Alberta Free-mo 2015. Alberta Free-mo 2015 overview footage: (...)
The MNFree-mo Modelers set up in the Historic Union Depot in downtown Duluth on May 16-18, (...)
HO-Scale Model Train Layout
The Knuckleheads Free-mo group set up a loop display at the Quad Cities Model Train Show, March (...)
Missouri Valley Free-Mo and Minnesota Free-Mo in Sioux City, IA at the Sioux City Cosmopolitan (...)
Model Railroad construction methods for bench work using swing gates and lift gates to avoid (...)
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HO-Scale Model Train Layout
Missouri Valley Free-Mo and Minnesota Free-Mo in Sioux Falls, SD at the Sioux Valley Model (...)
This video features various trains which ran on the Coldslap Free-mo layout at the Train and (...)
Grand Trunk Western Train Passes the Last Class Saloon at the Free-mo Set-Up at the (NMRA) (...)
Hop up on the front of a flat car and take the entire trip around the 2014 Alberta Free-mo HO (...)
Part Two covers some of the places on the free-mo setup for train action. Just a super weekend (...)
Part One Covers a tour of the Free-mo layout. It took about 40 minutes to do a complete (...)
Track view of the Missouri Valley Free-Mo from February 8-9 2014. This layout was at the Great (...)
Ever wonder what a model railroad the size of a hockey rink would look like? Overview footage (...)
Another video of 2002 on our Free-Mo layout
Closer to completion and a look at the plans moving forward with construction... 7' 3" X 9' 5" (...)
Free-mo prototype model train setup at the San Luis Obispo Railroad Museum for National Train (...)
A track side view of the combined modules of the Missouri Valley, Southern Kansas, and North (...)
This is a 12ft double track mainline based on the Alaska railroad around Denali. This is the (...)
Video from Capitol Free-mo layout constructed for the Timonium, MD train show on October 27-28, (...)
This was the 9th Annual Free-mo weekend sponsored by the Calgary Free-mo folks. It is held in (...)
This is the first video in the NTS2012 cabride series, taken on the North American N scale (...)