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I wanted to try something different, so I got this 00 scale model of the 0-4-4T steam engines (...)
I show off my White Metal kit of a Southern Railway D1 4-4-0 which unbelievably I bought from (...)
DJH Model Loco OO Gauge LMS/BR Princess Coronation Class "Unstreamlined" 4-6-2 No. 6233 (...)
Part one of my build series on the DJH LNER A1 pacific. Building the chassis. Here's the link (...)
Video Courtesy Of M Wickham. Designed by Richard Maunsell as a development of Urie’s earlier (...)
In this video, I review the DJH LNER/GNR/BR A1/3 in 4mm scale. I look at some of the good and (...)
More Progress. Taking a break for a while now. All a bit cross eyed with sore fingers! Its a (...)
DJH HO Garret test running of a newly built DJH kit NSWGR 60class on Wyong Model railway club's (...)
DJH Model Loco kit of a SNCF compound 4 cil. locomotive designed by Andre Chapelon. A amazing (...)
A DJH Model loco kit from the eighties with escap swiss motor. No sound, no dcc. But a very (...)
Mechanism of a DJH Kit NSWGR 57 Class.
DJH model loco NCS41 test1 aandrijving Kijk ook eens op
LMS/BR Duchess Class 4-6-2 No. 46251 "City of Nottingham" (de-streamlined tender). Finished BR (...)
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changement engrenage + reparation bogie

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