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In part 3 of the DJH LNER Pacific A1 build, we sort out the castings for the body and the (...)
I wanted to try something different, so I got this 00 scale model of the 0-4-4T steam engines (...)
The title says it all. See my blog for further details of the x5 shunter challenge (...)
We continue working on the DJH LNER class A1 pacific kit build locomotive. We paint the chassis (...)
I show off my White Metal kit of a Southern Railway D1 4-4-0 which unbelievably I bought from (...)
DJH Model Loco OO Gauge LMS/BR Princess Coronation Class "Unstreamlined" 4-6-2 No. 6233 (...)
Video Courtesy Of M Wickham. Designed by Richard Maunsell as a development of Urie’s earlier (...)
In this video, I review the DJH LNER/GNR/BR A1/3 in 4mm scale. I look at some of the good and (...)
More Progress. Taking a break for a while now. All a bit cross eyed with sore fingers! Its a (...)
실린더세척 롤세척장치 DJH IST 초음파세척장치 Anilox and Gravure Cylinder washing unit Ultrasonic Based Model LRC 제품문의 (...)
Finally, after nearly 2 years, my DJH Big Bertha has made some progress. Pickups and motor (...)
5717 moving off from Murrurundi Station demonstrating "my" offset Chuff effect, where the 57 (...)
Review in my DJH 36.class
My DJH kit-built Ivatt 2MT 2-6-2 tank no. 41319 is about complete now. Improvements from my (...)
Kit built DJH D57 running on club layout UPPER HUNTER
DJH HO Garret test running of a newly built DJH kit NSWGR 60class on Wyong Model railway club's (...)
This short video shows expansion on the locomotive side of the layout with the first running of (...)
DJH Model Loco kit of a SNCF compound 4 cil. locomotive designed by Andre Chapelon. A amazing (...)
A DJH Model loco kit from the eighties with escap swiss motor. No sound, no dcc. But a very (...)
Mechanism of a DJH Kit NSWGR 57 Class.
My friend Chris Williams fellow Gauge O guild member came over to play trains on my embryonic (...)
DJH NS 6000 test run with Hall Sensor. Exact 90 degree interval between chuffs. Using a ESU (...)
7mm scale DJH A3 nearing completion
DJH model loco NCS41 test1 aandrijving Kijk ook eens op
DJH class 37 with Digitrains multidrive zimo sound chip. One bass reflex speaker and enclosure (...)
Hier een kort filmpje met de nieuwe 3314. Na een bouwtijd van 7 maanden is de loc aan het (...)
testing a DJH class 02
This a Kit built DJH, kit of an S15. Brought from ebay about a year ago, complete and just (...)
for sale here
These are the new 0 scale coarse scale locos. See them running through Leesam Town Station (...)
DJH Black 5 EM Scale fitted with ZIMO DCC LMS 2-4 cylinder sound chip and QSI speakers on a van (...)
This is my first DJh kit build model loco, the K32 kit LNER J10. On trial runs with my Dapol (...)
changement engrenage + reparation bogie
First test run of the loco on Dublo track
4e Proefrit van de DJH 6000